Debut: September 18, 1982
Ended: December 11, 1982

Due to the absence of pandas in most American zoos, the adorable bears have always fascinated this country. This fascination was a driving force behind the creation of Pandamonium. The plot focused around a mystical Pyramid of Power, which would enable its owner to rule the universe. In the first episode, the evil Mondraggor tried to pilfer the pyramid, but sensing his innate evil, the pyramid flung itself into space and blew up into several different pieces. Young Peter Darrow witnessed the explosion through his telescope, prompting him and his sister, Peggy, to jet to Tibet in order to retrieve one of the particles. When the siblings arrived, they found the bit of pyramid in the possession of three talking pandas—tough guy Chesty, apprehensive Timmy, and dunce Algernon. In a vision, Mondraggor explained the entire situation, setting in motion the battle of good vs. evil. Luckily, the pandas possessed a special power (as if the power of speech weren't impressive enough). When threatened by Mondraggor or any other danger, the three bears could transform themselves into a giant Poppapanda. While short-lived, Panadamonium succeeded in adding a level of madcap mysticism to a familiar theme. And in an entirely unrelated note, Jesse White (the voice of Chesty) is better known as the original Maytag repairman.

Chesty: "Timothy, pick up that dumbbell. [Timothy picks up Algernon]"
Chesty: "Not that dumbbell! [Indicates barbell on the floor] That dumbbell!"
Chesty (to mountain goat): "You're going to let us through, no ifs, ands or buts! Heh heh...get it? Butts? [Scene switches to Peter and Peggy]"
Pandas (in the distance): "Aaaaaaaaaaah!"
Peter: "What was that?"
Peggy: "It sounded like the pandas falling."
Timothy: "I want Mommapanda."
Chesty: "You mean Poppapanda."
Timothy: "No, I mean Mommapanda. I want my mommy!"
Peter (to pretty girl): "I'm Peggy and this is my sister Peter. Er, I mean..."
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