Escape to Witch Mountain
Release: December 15, 1975

In this Disney classic, orphaned brother and sister Tony (Ike Eisenmann) and Tia (Kim Richards) have supernatural powers, which eccentric millionaire Aristotle Bolt (Ray Milland) intends to exploit with the help of his cronie Lucas Deranian (Donald Pleasence). But the discovery of a map under the plate on the front of Tia's "star case" sends the children to Stony Creek, aided by crotchety loner Jason O'Day (Eddie Albert), in hopes of finding the family they lost. Followed by the sequels RETURN FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN and BEYOND WITCH MOUNTAIN. Remade in 1995. Cast: Eddie Albert - Jason O'Day Ray Milland - Aristotle Bolt Donald Pleasence - Lucas Deranian Kim Richards - Tia Malone Ike Eisenmann - Tony Malone Walter Barnes - Sheriff Purdy Reta Shaw - Mrs. Grindley Denver Pyle - Uncle Bene Dermott Downs - Truck Alfred Ryder - Astrologer Lawrence Montaigne - Ubermann Terry Wilson - Biff Jenkins George Chandler - Grocer Shepherd Sanders - Guru Don Brodie - Gasoline Attendant Paul Sorenson - Sergeant Foss Alfred Rossi - Police Officer No. 3 Tiger Joe Marsh - Lorko Harry Holcombe - Capt. Malone Sam Edwards - Mate Dan Seymour - Psychic Eugene Daniels - Cort Al Dunlap - Deputy Rex Holman - Hunter No. 1 Tony Giorgio - Hunter No. 2

Jason O'Day: "I'll see that you get to Stony Creek. -Jason O'Day"
Mrs. Grindley: "Oft times, the most trivial thing is important. -Mrs. Grindley"
Truck: "Nobody can jump that high, Malone. You stood on somethin'. -Truck"
Tia: "Tony, why'd you do that? You don't think we're gonna get away with it, do you? -Tia"
Tia: "And all the other kids thought we were some kind of freaks... or witches. -Tia"
Tia: "Tony, do you hear the dogs? -Tia"
Tony: "You see, my sister, well... she gets these feelings. -Tony"
Aristotle Bolt: "Wealth, gentlemen, is like flesh. It has to be nurtured and coddled. -Aristotle Bolt"
Lucas Deranian: "I have found what you're looking for. -Lucas Deranian"
Lucas Deranian: "I suppose this sort of thing happens to you all the time. -Lucas Deranian"
Tony: "When I can figure out where this place is, we'll go there. -Tony"
Tia: "Soon, Tony. We're going there soon and I'm afraid. -Tia"
Aristotle Bolt: "People lie very easily. The very young can deceive the very wise. -Aristotle Bolt"
Aristotle Bolt: "You are their family, Deranian, you are their uncle. Do you understand? -Aristotle Bolt"
Aristotle Bolt: "You say they have no family? Well, now they do. -Aristotle Bolt"
Tony: "We haven't got a choice. -Tony"
Lucas Deranian: "Mr. Bolt calls his house Xanthus. -Lucas Deranian"
Tony: "Uncle Lucas, what's exanthus? -Tony"
Lucas Deranian: "Mr. Bolt is my employer... and your host. -Lucas Deranian"
Lucas Deranian & Tia: "Deranian: Mr. Bolt owns everything in sight. Tia: Well, I can see the sky. -Lucas Deranian & Tia"
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