The Real Ghostbusters
Debut: January 01, 1986
Ended: January 01, 1991

Inspired by the 1984 feature film, The further adventures of the Ghostbusters: Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston and Slimer as they seek to catch ghosts, protect New York City... and make money! They're ready to believe you! The cartoon is titled "The Real Ghostbusters" as Filmation had already made a cartoon titled "Ghostbusters". In fact, the producers of the 1984 film had to buy the rights to the name. Then in 1998, the show had a spinoff called "Extreme Ghostbusters." The show features the return of Egon from the original team who trains a new team of busters: Garret, Roland, Kylie, and Eduardo to combat ghosts once again with better weapons and a new ghost trap.

Janine: "You know? You guys have ALL THE FUN! Going out there busting ghosts and all that. And what do I do? I just sit here in this stuffy old office answering phone calls and waiting on you to return. I DEMAND AN INCREASE IN MY PAY! AND I WANT IT.....NOW!!!"
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Peter: "Say Egon, I just had a thought. Egon: You had a thought? Peter: Yes. Egon: Have a cookie. Peter: Why? Egon: It's how they train seals Peter, and I'm all out of fish."
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Egon: "Peter, do you know how to set your proton pack to explosive overload? Peter: No. Egon: I do."
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Ray: "Oh no, no! It can't be! Peter: Ray what is .... oh no, don't even tell me Ray! Ray: It was here all along and I didn't even see it, the name of this village, Lupusville, Lupus is the latin word for Wolf, or in this case *the villagers begin to transform* Werewolves!"
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Peter Venkman: "I came, I saw, I captured! -Peter Venkman"
Peter Venkman: "Slimer, you bad ghost! -Peter Venkman"
Egon: "To Peter Venkman, he may kill us yet. Cheers. -Egon"
Ray Stantz: "You'd make a heck of a mad scientist, Egon! -Ray Stantz"
Peter Venkman: "Oh no. I'm not going anywhere until I've had my breakfast. -Peter Venkman"
Ray: "This is Nuts! -Ray"
Janine Melnitz: "Come on Mrs Faversham, I'll show you where they think up new ways to do stupid things."
Egon Spengler.: "I'm not going to talk to you for at least a week. It't not good for me."
Ray Stanz: "I've got an idea. HEY SLIMER! PIZZA!"
Ray Stantz: "Oh Peter! Tell me a bedtime story."
Peter Venkman: "Alright. Once upon a time there were four Ghostbusters who were trying to catch the Boogie Man but they couldn't because one of them wouldn't shut up and go to sleep. The End."
Egon Spengler: "I've got it! E=MC2! E=MC......... Nevermind! Just nevermind!"
Winston Zeddmore: "Murray, Aykroyd, and Ramis? Is that a law firm?"
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