Three's Company
Debut: March 15, 1977
Ended: September 18, 1984

A funny sitcom starring John Ritter as Jack Tripper, a man living in an apartment with two women. It's more than that, as the series explores relationships with the Ropers, neighbors of the trio, and the landlord, who would not agree with the arrangement of Jack living with the women until he was told that Jack was gay! So he has to pretend, and his slightly metrosexual profession as a chef could provide a cover for his heterosexuality. Will it? You'll just have to watch.

Jack: "I'm hoping to open up a little restaurant for people who can really appreciate high prices"
Stanley Roper: "Does she know you're...tinkerbell"
Chrissy: "OH I love surprises it's funny that you never suspect them!"
Chrissy: "Eat your salad before it gets cold"
Helen Roper: "Crissy, you can't give and I.O.U. to the U.P.S. for a C.O.D.! Or else they'd call the F.B.I.!"
Jack: "Jack:Excuse me do you live in 213 area code"
Chrissy: "Chrissy:I told you it was hard saying no"
Jack: "Jack: Lordie,Lordie,Lordie"
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