Fun House
Debut: February 24, 1988
Ended: December 24, 1991

A kid's game show that pitted two teams of two players each. The contestants had to answer trivia questions and participate in challenges, such as trying to nail targets in the audience seats with water balloons. This was followed by a race between the two teams around a track that involved a variety of bizarre push carts. The team with the most points at the end of the game got to enter the Fun House. The two teammates took turns running through the collection of wacky rooms and obstacles to find tags that represented the prizes printed on them. The contestants won all prizes printed on the tags that they collected and took out of the Fun House before the two minute time limit was up.

MC Mike: "All on today's......."
Audience: "FUN HOUSE!"
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JD and Contestants: "Let's! Get! Messy!"
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JD Roth: "I'm J.D. Roth, hoping that we made your house a Fun House!"
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Tiny: "And now, here's the potatohead who puts the FUN in FUN HOUSE, JD ROTH!"
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Audience: "THAT'S DISGUSTING! (whistle blows)"
Tiny: "It's time for FUN HOUSE! And here it is! Crazy Contests! Super cool games! An awesome Grand Prix race! And an outrageous chase after thousands of dollars in cash and prizes! All on today's...FUN HOUSE! And now, here's the guy who puts the FUN in FUN HOUSE, JD ROTH!"
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