Lizzie McGuire
Debut: January 12, 2001
Ended: February 14, 2004

Get inside her head! The show is about growing up, in the beginning Lizzie and Miranda (played by: Hilary Duff, and LaLaine Vergas) buy their first bras. And towards the series ending they will be saying good bye to their Junior school. Matt, Lizzie's little bro, played by Jake Thomas is hilarious. He makes Lizzie's life seem worse than it really is. Kate Sanders, played by Ashley Briaullt, makes her school and sometimes personal life seem like hell.

Kate: "Later, loser!"
Jo McGuire: "Well, I can't speak for Lanny."
Sam McGuire: "Somebody's got to."
Teacher Matt: "Teacher: Surely you must be joking... Matt: No, and uh, don't call me Shirley!"
Matt Lizzie: "M: You're stupid L: Sometimes it might seem that way. M: No, you really are."
Gordo: "Yeah, well, there's lots of weird stuff in this world - tofu bacon, hairless cats, country music."
Miranda Gordo: "'You smell like a... a pine tree.' 'That's because I'm wearing a car air freshener.'"
Lizzie: "This is sooo totally coolie!"
Miranda: "She used to live up there. Now she lives out there--on the street! The horror!"
Lizzie : "What would help you study?"
Ethan: "Cheerleaders. "
Lizzie: "OK, Cheerleaders, Ethan needs cheerleaders."
Larry: "Larry: So Lizzie, do you think I have a chance with Miranda? -Larry"
Larry Tudgeman: "Glimmerfoe! Art thou still in the toilet? -Larry Tudgeman"
Toon Lizzie: "What did Kate do to get held back in kindergarten? Fail naptime? -Toon Lizzie"
Lizzie: "This can't be happening! -Lizzie"
Matt: "No more gravy!"
Gordo: "[to Lizzie] Parents scrape and sacrifice to provide us with shelter, support and guidance, and in return, we have as little to do with them as possible. It's nature's law."
Miranda: "Yeah. It's like you come home and they ask, "What did you do today?" and we say "Mmm, nothing." And they ask, "Well, what are you doing tonight?" 'n we say, "I dunno!" And they ask, "Why don't you ever talk to us?" We say, "Why can't you just leave me alone!" And you run upstairs."
Gordo: "As little communication as possible. It prepares us for marriage."
Miranda: "I need you to be there, without actually being there."
Gordo: "I guess Kate does sortof give off some visual signals which imply a biologically nuturing capability."
Miranda: "We get it Gordo! She's stacked!"
Gordo: "Yes, yes she is!"
Lizzie: "Bark. I said bark. Bark like dogs."
Jo McGuire: "I can't speak for Lanny."
Sam McGuire: "Somebody's got to."
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