Debut: January 01, 1995
Ended: January 01, 1997

The story of two brothers, the oldest is Peter, and the younger brother is Farley, but he's known as Fudge. Fudge got his nickname for his love of chocolate. And any situation Fudge got into, chocolate would most likely be the solution. In one episode Fudge gets his head stuck between two sink pipes. His older brother tells him they will have to use soap and lube him out. Fudge screams no and Peter thinks for a second and gets a bottle of chocolate syrup out of the fridge.

Jimmy Fargo: "Oh no! We're not handing the booklet in like that I'll rip it up before I let you! -Jimmy Fargo"
Ann: "Now look Fudge you must get new shoes your old ones are too small so what kind do you want? -Ann"
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