Swat Cats: The Radical Squadron
Debut: September 11, 1993
Ended: December 24, 1994

Two ex-fighter pilots (T-Bone and Razor) battle evil as masked heros, who manage to constantly trouble the chief of police who can never best evil himself and so it is left to the Swat Kats to do so to his dismay. a Hanna-Barbera production for TBS. Only two seasons (13 for the first and 12 for the second.) produced, although the third season was canceled by Ted Turner over increasing animated TV violence - one unproduced story was later adapted into the direct-to-video movie 'Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island'.

YouTube Videos
Razor: "Razor: Bingo! -Razor"
Razor: "Razor: T-Bone, if you drown, I'm gonna kill you! -Razor"
Razor: "Head for that cloud bank, I've got an idea"
T-Bone: "Ihope its better than your aim."
Razor: "T-Bone, those things melted my missiles!"
Razor: "OK, piece of cake, just remember, always cut the red wire. OH DARK KAT, YOU MISERABLE PSYCHO!"
Chance: "My mama must've put Agracite in my cereal when I was a kitten, Jake!"
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