The Facts of Life
Debut: August 24, 1979
Ended: May 07, 1988
Debut: August 24, 1979
Ended: May 07, 1988

In this series which was originally a spin off o Diffrent strokes, Mrs. Garrett has become the warming housemother at an expensive all girls school called Eastland academy. The first season brought in horrible ratings and morbid critic reviews so several members of the original cast including a young Molly Ringwald were fired. And Nancy Mckeon was brought to play motorcycle riding tomboy Jo Polniaczek. many of Jo's confrotations with the waelthy pampered and beautiful Blair Warner became a very important part of the series.

Tootie: "We are in trouble!"
Natalie: "I thought all of us were virgins."
Jo: "Uh, in a minute, you're gonna be wearing flared teeth!"
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