Debut: July 11, 1993
Ended: December 31, 1994
Debut: July 11, 1993
Ended: December 31, 1994

The show, a totally outrageous half-hour variety show, uses classic elements of kid's programming, which include puppeteering and interaction with a live studio audience, to entertain kids and their parents. Weinerville Productions also produces live nationally touring stage shows. Weinerville specializes in Marc Weiner’s two unique forms of puppetry, The Weinerettes - hand puppets - and The Weinerville style head puppets - human heads on puppet bodies.

Boney: "I'm Boney, I'm Boney, leave me Alone - y!! -Boney"
Mark Weiner: "Wee ner wee ner wee ner wee ner wee ner! -Mark Weiner"
Dottie: "Oh, well. Welcome to Weinerville. OOOHH!!!!! -Dottie"
Boney: "GET OUT'A HERE! -Boney"
socko: "everybody kick kick, everybody kick -socko"
Marc Weiner: "My family comes from a country thats so small, that the "Welcome to" and "Your leaving" signs are on the same pole -Marc Weiner"
Marc: "You think that Fun? Are you forgeting that i'm the guy who rode in that rollercoaster backwards in my underwear, right after Lunch! -Marc"
Pops & Louie: "Louie: That dumbster smell't better then your cooking, Pops! Pops: Well It was much cleaner then your clothes, Louie! -Pops & Louie"
Captain Bob: "It was a good idea for George Washingtion crossing the Delaware once, you know why? Because then he would have been a double crosser. (drum solo, and symbal) -Captain Bob"
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