Road Rovers
Debut: January 01, 1996
Ended: January 01, 1997

They are an elite team of crime fighting dogs chosen from around the world. When the call goes out they rush from their homes (they live with heads of state around the world) and return to the Master who turns them into Cano-Sapiens (super charged dogs) The team consists of: Exile the Siberian Husky from Siberia who has super strength and vision, Colleen the Collie from England who has super cunning and agility, Blitz the Doberman from Germany who has super powerful jaws and claws, Hunter the Retriever from America who has super speed, Shag the Sheepdog from Switzerland who has, um er ("four out of five is not bad")... Also part of the team is Muzzle the insane Rottweiler (who is Hunter's buddy and Shepherd's former pet) and Professor Hubert who is a Bloodhound who uses his nose like a laboratory. The "Road Rovers" are for humanity and animals everywhere! They fight for right day and night (and three meals a day, a rug in front of the fire and a bath once a week).

Hunter: "Lets hit the road, Rovers!"
Hunter: "I would have not predicted this!"
Colleen: "Oooh, the EPA's not gonna like this."
Hunter: "You're just a wealth of commentary today, aren't you?"
Colleen: "Just tryin' to stay topical. You know, ripped out of the day's headlines... *explosion*"
Exile: "Rear of Tank Rover also ripped out."
Exile: "Don't be a weird boy"
Colleen: "Excuse me, are you one of the new recruites?"
Blitz: "No I am Blitz, you know me!"
Colleen: "Well we like to give all of the new recruites nicknames, funny names that make us laugh."
Blitz: "NO!!"
Colleen: "How about Mr. Fluffy Pants."
Blitz: "NO."
Colleen: "Mr. Stuffington Fluffly Pants."
Blitz: "Stop or I'll bite you."
Colleen: "Just try it FLUFFY!!"
Voice: "(Colleen being interrogated) State your name."
Colleen: "My name's Colleen, hello. I like squeaky toys shaped like bananas, and big pieces of fatty pork, nummy."
Evil Docter: "Do you know why I did this?"
Hunter: "Because you're mad at the NFL for letting the Cleveland Browns move to Baltimore?"
Evil Docter: "No, well maybe."
Exile: "Hunter, do everything turn turn turn."
Hunter: "Hey the birds wrote that, I love that song."
Colleen: "TURN!!!!"
Hunter: "Colleen I think that was a little Janus Joplin."
Blitz: "Now is the time to bite the small squishy parts."
Hunter: "[Blitz spots enemy tanks approaching their hideout] Hey Blitz, wanna biscuit?"
Blitz: "Tanks."
Hunter: "You're welcome."
Blitz: "No, tanks!"
Hunter: "Are you sure? It's tasty. Try it!"
Blitz: "Tanks!"
Hunter: "You're welcome!"
Blitz: "No, TANKS!"
Hunter: "What with you? You want it or not?"
Blitz: "TANKS!"
Hunter: "You're welcome!"
Blitz: "NO, TANKS!!!"
Hunter: "WELL MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! [enemy tanks crash in]"
Hunter: "Oh-hohoho, tanks! Now I get it. Funny!"
Hunter: "OK Shag, it's just you and me now. So stay close. (Shag grabs Hunter's back)"
Hunter: "Whoa! Not that close!"
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