Black Sheep
Release: February 02, 1996
Release: February 02, 1996

This movie features the late Chris Farley as Mike Donnelly, the brother of Al Donnelly (Tim Matheson), who is running for Governor of the state of Washington against the 2 term incumbent Governor Evelyn Tracy (Christine Ebersole). Mike wants to help his brother win the election, but tends to screw up things. Al puts Steve Dodds (David Spade) in charge of keeping Mike on track. However, Mike becomes a lightning rod for media coverage, mostly negative. This forces Al's minion to send Mike and Steve to Garfield County on the other side of the state. In addition, Governor Tracy is determined to win re-election, no matter who she has to step on in order to do it. This movie is filled with memorable moments, like when Mike is mistaken for Al and put onstage at a Rock the Vote show in Seattle.

Mike: "(on the phone) "Get this"
Mike Donnelly: "I've got an idea, okay? I'll open the fridge, you hit the lights; bats are attracted to light. And when he flies in, I close the door, end of story!"
Steve Dodds: "That's MOTHS, you dumb-ass; not bats!"
Mike Donnelly: "Oh yeah! Moths..."
Mike Donnelly: "All right! Bunk beds! I've got dibs on top!"
Mike Donnelly: "HELLOOO, WASHINGTON!!!"
Steve: "What are we gonna do? Hook a hanger to the metal plate in your head? -Steve"
mike: "I've got a bowl of chocolate pudding in my underpants! -mike"
Steve and Mike: "Steve: Mike...are you ok? Mike: (halfway into fridge that fell on him) Oh, I'm just peachy! I've got a bowl of chocolate pudding in my underpants! Steve: Uh, Mike...we didn't have chocolate pudding in there... -Steve and Mike"
Steve and Mike: "(they hit a bump in the cop car) Steve: Wow, that was a huge chunk in the road back there! Mike: Yeah, man, I just chunked in my pants! -Steve and Mike"
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