The Glimmer Man
Release: October 04, 1996
Release: October 04, 1996

Two cops with almost nothing in common find themselves brought together to capture a psychotic murderer in this action thriller. Jack Cole (Steven Seagal) was once a government intelligence operative known as "The Glimmer Man," because he could move so quickly and quietly that his victims would only see a glimmer before they died. Having left international espionage behind him, Cole — steeped in Eastern mysticism and not used to working with others — has become a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, where he's paired up with Jim Campbell (Keenen Ivory Wayans), a tough, no-nonsense cop with a weakness for weepy movies (Casablanca is one of his favorites) and little patience for Cole's New Age philosophies and outsider attitude. Cole and Campbell have to set aside their differences when they're assigned to track down a serial killer the press has dubbed "The Family Man," for his habit of dispatching entire households at once. However, when the Family Man's latest victims turn out to be Cole's former wife and her current husband, Campbell learns about Cole's secret past, and they both think that Cole's former bosses may somehow be involved with this current crime wave. Leading man Seagal also wrote and played guitar on several blues-based songs that appear on the film's soundtrack.

Jim Campbell: "Uh, Mr. Lovebeads. You're gonna have to seek high enlightenment somewhere else."
Millie's father: "You look like you just came from a riot."
Campbell: "Thanks."
Cole: "He looks like he just came from a riot."
Campbell: "Excuse me, Melanie. I've got to hurry back to the 90s now."
Campbell: "Why don't we just get you some red boots and a cape? That way, you can fly around the city and stop all the crimes."
Jack Cole: "Crying is good for you. It cleanses the soul. It clears you right up."
Campbell: "If I need a cleansing, I'll have a bran muffin. Thank you very much."
Jack Cole: "You ain't going to find one here."
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