This House Possessed
Release: January 01, 1981

Sick pop singer Gary (Parker Stevenson) and his nurse/love-interest Sheila (Lisa Eilbacher) move into a remote mansion. The house comes alive and taunts the two and everyone who come into contact with them. Shattering mirrors, bloody showers, crushing gates and drownings await visitors to the mansion. Turns out that the house "loves" its new, young tenant, Sheila, and it will stop at nothing to keep her from leaving home... Originally aired as a movie-of-the-week, this film is perhaps most notable for the pairing of Stevenson and Eilbacher, who had previously co-starred together in "The Hardy Boys Mysteries." The film aired on cable in the 80s and 90s, but is currently out of circulation, and was never released on video. Also stars Joan Bennett, Slim Pickens, K Callan and Shelley Smith.

Rag Lady: "This house, big as it was, couldn't hold all the love you gave it… and it loved you back."
Rag Lady: "You're Margaret. -Rag Lady"
Rag Lady: "I thought if I didn't say anything and you stayed here, nothing would happen. I was wrong. -Rag Lady"
Rag Lady: "I didn't wanna come. -Rag Lady"
Sheila: "How's it gonna look if the person who's supposed to be taking care of you starts hearing voices all of a sudden?"
Gary: "Why didn't you tell me about the voice? -Gary"
Gary: "I don't care what the police said, he didn't just fall into that mirror! -Gary"
Sheila: "Whenever I think about leaving, I get a sick feeling in my stomach. -Sheila"
Arthur: "Once you're in Europe, you won't care if you never come back here! -Arthur"
Arthur: "Last time I saw you, why, you looked like an old apple that'd been sittin' out in the sun too long. -Arthur"
Gary: "No, no drugs. No marijuana. -Gary"
Gary: "I don't care who you were. All I'm interested in is who you are now. -Gary"
Sheila: "It was like I was walking around in a dream all the time. -Sheila"
Sheila: "I can't remember the first seven years of my life. -Sheila"
Sheila: "You know, you don't fit the image of a singing star. -Sheila"
Gary: "It's funny, most people I know would kill to get their hands on the prescription! -Gary"
Rag Lady: "Why did Margaret come back? It was over, done with. Now she's back, it'll happen all over again."
Rag Lady: "The police thought I was crazy, so they wouldn't listen to me. -Rag Lady"
Rag Lady: "The house couldn't stand the thought of you leaving, so it decided to kill the people who were taking you away."
Rag Lady: "This house loves you. It'll never let you go! -Rag Lady"
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