Shrek Forever After
Release: April 21, 2010

Complete your Shrek 4K movie collection on Digital and 4K UHD from June 11th. • Shrek is growing tired of the family life and longs for the days when he was a "true" ogre. One day, he finds a troll named Rumplestiltskin who promises that hae can give Shrek one day to feel like a real ogre again in exchange for a day of his life he won't remember. It turns out Rumplestiltskin is a con-artist determined to take over the kingdom of Far Far Away, and he removes the day Shrek was born, and if he doesn't make a true-love's kiss by midnight, he will fade from existance! a Tribeca Film Festival '10 official selection • InTru 3D/optimized in IMAX 3D. starring the voices of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas, Julie Andrews and John Cleese - recurring from the previous movies, opposite Walt Dohrn [used to be a temporary voice], Jane Lynch, Jon Hamm, Craig Robinson, Lake Bell, Mary Kay Place, Kathy Griffin, and Kristen Schaal. Mike Mitchell directs from the adaptation by Josh Klausner and Darren Lemke; Based on characters directly licensed from DreamWorks, LLC, upon the 1990 children's book by William Steig. Produced by Gina Shay and Teresa Cheng; Executive Producers: Aron Warner, Andrew Adamson and John H. Williams. Music by Harry Gregson-Williams; Soundtrack on DGC Records. from DreamWorks Animation with "Heartfelt thanks to all the talented artists who worked on 'Shrek' for the last decade!" General release: May 21, 2010 Approved [#45994]/rated PG for mild action, some rude humor and brief language © 2010 DreamWorks Animation, LLC. All rights reserved

Shrek: ""Where's the cake?!?""
Pig # 1: ""We ate the cake.""
Pig # 2: ""Ya.""
Shrek: ""What?!?""
Fergus, Farkle and Felicia: "(begin crying and wailing)"
Shrek: ""No, don't cry, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.""
Butterpants' Father: ""Hey, I believe you promised my son a roar.""
Butterpants: ""Do the roar.""
Shrek: ""Uh, roar.""
Butterpants: ""I don't like it.""
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