Nine Inch Nails: Closure
Release: November 25, 1997
Release: November 25, 1997

The 2 tapes of VHS which is the documentary and the music videos is all about the band called Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor is the American musician of NIN, who was truly done for industrial music in all alternative rock. Including Self-Destruct tour 1994 along with Jim Rose Circus, and Marylin Manson. Then, Dissonance tour 1995 along with David Bowie. The music videos was in 1989-1997 like Pretty Hate Machine, Broken, The Downward Spiral, and The Perfect Drug eras from the video.

Trent Reznor: ""A song..... About.... Fucking.""
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Trent Reznor: ""Who ever threw that, fuck you. Alright?""
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Robin Finck: "You're an aaaass-hole!"
Trent Reznor: "Can I offer you a towel offstage? Thanks man."
Trent Reznor: "What'd you throw up here? what'd you throw?"
Trent Reznor: "300 shows... I think we're doing OK. No deaths yet."
Marylin Manson: "Hangover. I did too many drugs and alcohol. I have a hangover."
Trent Reznor: "I just run into things..."
Store Employee: "You don't see that very often, do you?"
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