You're Never Too Young
Release: July 20, 1955

When an aspiring barber becomes inadvertently involved in the theft of a valuable diamond, necessity forces him to masquerade as a 12 year-old child - with humorous consequences.

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Bob Miles: "Whu don't you straighten up?"
Wilbur Hoolick: "Oh, I am straightened up. It's just that my shoulders are stupid."
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Wilbur Hoolick: "BOMBS AWAY!"
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Mrs. Ella Brennan: "[as Noonan, masquerading as Wilbur's father, takes his "son" out of school] Take good care of him."
Noonan: "[With irony] Oh, he'll be taken care of."
Wilbur Hoolick: "[after Noonan starts to strangle him] I don't want to go."
Mrs. Ella Brennan: "Why, Wilbur?"
Noonan: "Yes, tell her why."
Wilbur Hoolick: "Well, because, you see, I'm not really a little... [He realizes he cannot reveal the truth] I like it here. I want to go to school here."
Mrs. Ella Brennan: "This is a girls' school!"
Wilbur Hoolick: "That's why I like it here."
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Ticket agent: "[Referring to Wilbur who is disguised as a 12 year old with a ray gun in order to get a half price ticket] He's going to be a space cadet?"
Bob Miles: "If he lives, he'll be a space cadet."
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Wilbur Hoolick: "[Imitating a French barber] Eef you lay one... If you lay un hand on me, you know whatI will do?"
Noonan: "[Nastily] What?"
Wilbur Hoolick: "I'll bleed! Au revoir."
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