Baby Boom
Release: September 17, 1987
Release: September 17, 1987

J.C. Wiatt is a successful New York City business women. She is known as the "Tiger Lady." And one night she gets a phone call that her cousin had died. So she was told that she would get some inheritance. But she didn't know until it was too late that she inherited a little baby girl named Elizabeth Wiatt. Now J.C. has learn how to become a good mother-figure. But she doesn't know how to take care of a baby whatsoever. But she learns one thing after another about parenting. After little Elizabeth causes some trouble, J.C. gets fired from her job in New York City. Then J.C. and Elizabeth move to Vermont and live in an old two-story cottage. Then eventually J.C. finds a carreer in making homemade applesauce with Elizabeth's face on the jar and makes them rich.

J.C.: "Okay, lets see. Diapers. Okay "Huggies" or "Pampers?" -J.C."
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