Better Off Dead...
Release: October 11, 1985
Release: October 11, 1985

What is a teenage boy to do when his girlfriend dumps him for a ski jock? Suicide of course! However, each attempt he makes is a failure which only brings him more agony and embarrassment. Still obsessed with his ex-girlfriend, his next solution is to try and win her back, unless love is found with a foreign exchange student.

Charles Demar: "I just realized something, this is PURE snow. (snorts some) I just froze the right side of my brain!"
Ricky's Mom: "RICKY !!! Do something to him!!!!! -Ricky's Mom"
Charles Demar: "I could be home Drinking this Monster Eggnog my brother makes with Lighterfluid -Charles Demar"
French Girl: "...And he's always touching me withis...his...his testicles! (No, you mean tentacles!) -French Girl"
Paperboy: "Two dollars, I want my two dollars. -Paperboy"
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