Rudolph's Shiny New Year
Release: January 01, 1976
Release: January 01, 1976

The animated sequel to the classic 1964 holiday special. Rudolph has just gotten back from helping Santa deliver presents when he gets an alarming message from Father Time, Happy the Baby New Year has run away after everyone made fun of his large ears, even though not serious. If he is not returned home by midnight on December 31, the new year will not begin, the old year will remain, and Aeon the Buzzard will rule forever! Father Time tells Rudolph that Happy may be hiding in the Archipelago of Last Years, where old years go to retire. Rudolph goes aided by General Ticker, the Great Quarter-Past Five and Big Ben. They must go to stop Aeon from kidnapping Happy to stop the New Year from coming as Aeon's eon is set to end this year after which he will disintegrate.

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