Chairman of the Board
Release: September 05, 1997

Surfer Edison (Carrot Top) isn't able to make ends meet with his inventions or his lifestyle. But then he meets billionaire Armand McMillian (Jack Warden), who takes a shine to the young bum -- so much so that he leaves his invention company to him upon his death. Unfortunately, Armand's nephew, Bradford (Larry Miller), only gets a surfboard. While Edison manages to run the company successfully, with the help of pretty Natalie (Courtney Thorne-Smith), Bradford conspires to take him down.

Armand McMillan: "Time for my pills. Doc's got me on so damn many, I rattle when I walk. [dispenses them from a change belt]"
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Freemont: "I'd like to take the high road to your ass with my shoe."
Grace Kosik: "I think I'd rather enjoy that."
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Bradford McMillan: "He needs a helmet and *I* get hit with a wrench!"
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Edison: "This must be the boardroom, you guys look pretty bored!"
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Edison: "Note stickies! [grabs them off the conveyor belt and gets them on his hands] Make them faster!"
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Edison: "[to Natalie] Hey I remember you, from the funeral!"
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Edison: "I got fired."
Ty: "Again? What'd you do this time, Einstein?"
Edison: "Nothing... okay I knocked over a soda."
Ty: "That's it?"
Edison: "A case of soda."
Zak: "Soda?"
Edison: "Allright it was a soda machine! That's not the point, the boss was screaming, he threw a wing, I threw a breast, pretty soon there were wings and breasts all over the place, it wasn't a pretty sight."
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Edison: "[repeated line] You're holding it upside-down."
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Edison: "I'm telling you guys there's not enough radiation in those TV dinners to make somebody a walking night light."
Zak: "I used to have a night light, used to have a house."
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Ty: "And don't forget the handy dandy ketchup helper."
Edison: "Over eleven sold."
Ty: "And your grandmother bought ten of them."
Edison: "I thought you guys liked my inventions."
Ty: "We love them, the problem is the rest of the world doesn't."
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