Felix the Cat: The Movie
Release: October 01, 1988

Felix the Cat must travel to an alternate dimension in order to save Princess Oriana and restore her kingdom from the evil Duke of Zill. After getting captured, Felix is forced to perform in a sideshow, which happens to be where the Princess is also located. After escaping, Felix, Oriana, an old man named Pim, Felix's old enemie the Professor and his brainy nephew Poindexter, and some half-mouse half-lizard creatures called mizards set out to the kingdom to try and retake the throne. Tibor Hernádi directs from the screenplay by Don Oriolo and Pete Brown; Based on an original story by Oriolo; Original Felix characters designed by Joe Oriolo, whose memory was dedicated to. Produced by Don Oriolo, Christian Schneider and Janos Schenk. from Felix the Cat Creations Inc. and Animation Film Cologne.

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Felix: "It may sound far away, but it's closer than you think! One thing is for sure, though: Trouble is trouble, no matter where you are."
Oriana: "The people will stand up against that would be tyrant and his tin fought army! -Oriana"
Pearl: "A black duck on a green planet. -Pearl"
Felix: "We sure out foxed them. -Felix"
Oriana: "You again. What are doing in here? Get out! -Oriana"
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