The Ryan White Story
Release: January 16, 1989

Made for TV movie about Ryan White, a 13-year-old hemophiliac who contracted AIDS from factor VIII, which was used to control this disorder. In 1985, not many people knew the truth about AIDS. Not very much was known about it. Ryan faced a lot of discrimination, mostly based on the unknown. His school tried to keep him from attending and the town he lived in was not very supportive to say the least. After legal battles, Ryan and his mother settled with the school to have separate restrooms and disposable silverware in the cafeteria. But that didn't stop much. Students vandalized his locker with the word "FAG" and restaurants threw his dishes away after he left. A bullet was even fired into his home. After that, Ryan and his family moved to Cicero, Indiana, and were welcomed. People had been educated and Ryan was happy again. He had his learner's permit, friends, his family, and he was turning an incurable disease into a way to educate America. There was a movie made about him, titled "The Ryan White Story", that aired on ABC. He made a cameo as his friend, Chad, in it.

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Judith Light: "I played his mother, Jeanne, and through the filming I came to know him. I remember Ryan for his enthusiasm and his passion for life. He was with us from start to finish as we filmed his story. He was everywhere; caring, helping; and above all savoring the experience. I will forever miss him. His courage inspired us; his sheer warmed us; and his grace made our troubles insignificant. Ryan always considered making this movie the highlight of his life."
Ryan White: "Things I hear people say. Like that I spit on vegetables at the supermarket. Especially when I hear them say, "We know how you really got it." People think I'm gay. Gays aren't the only ones who get it. -Ryan White"
Judith Light: "I'm Judith Light. The film you are about to see 'The Ryan White Story' is being shown in an encore presentation as a tribute to Ryan. -Judith Light"
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