The Adventures of Ford Fairlane
Release: July 11, 1990

Cult Classic "must see" if you are a fan of Andrew "Dice" Clay..

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Ford Fairlane: ""Have a Twinkie... Snapperhead""
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Ford: "Perfect end to a perfect evening huh?"
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Ford: "Un-f*****believable eh?"
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Girls: "Qantas, Jujubes, Salcido, Ford Fairlane. Qantas, Jujubes, Salcido, Ford Fairlane."
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Ford: "(Impersonating John Travolta while falling off the Capitol Records building) My hair! My hair!"
Wisconsin Father (To Ford): "Excuse me. Could you tell us how to get to Mann's Chinese Theater?"
Ford: "Go back to Michigan, asswipe."
Wisconsin Father: "Oh, we're from Wisconsin!"
Ford: "Yeah, and I'm from my dad's penis. Get outta here!"
Ford Fairlane (first mocking Colleen): "I'm very rich. Nothing offends me."
Ford Fairlane: "No kidding!!! You got a whip sticking out of your a** and a f***** guy barking at you!!!!"
Ford Fairlane (after killing Smiley): "Thanks for working. Thanks for being a jerkoff. Mano to mano. What the heck does mano to mano mean? I mean, use your head. Snapperhead."
Ford Fairlane: "You're a jerkoff. That's what I think of you."
Lt. Amos: "No, I called you a jerkoff because that's what you are."
Ford Fairlane: "Jerkoff."
Ford: "(To The Camera) "You didn't actually think we were gonna kill the koala, did you?""
Ford: "I'm sick of the fun."
Jazz: "What? I'm not fun?"
Ford: "Im so terrifical ive got my own number, 1-800-UNBELIVEABE!!!!!! -Ford"
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