The Shining
Release: April 27, 1997

Jack Torrance (Steven Weber) takes a job at the foreboding Overlook Hotel for the winter. But when his son (Courtland Mead) taps into the evil psychic energy that thrives in the grand hotel, all hell breaks loose. Stephen King was never happy with the Kubrick/Nicholson version of "The Shining," so he penned his own script and sold it to ABC as a miniseries. Fans of Nicholson's version generally hate this one, but fans of the novel usually prefer it. Unlike most of King's miniseries, this one didn't find its way to video right away, but it's now available on DVD. Also stars Rebecca DeMornay, Melvin Van Peebles and Elliott Gould.

Jack in Danny's dream: "Been Lookin' for ya doc"
Wendy: "What Danny has didn't come from outer space, you know. Maybe I got a little of it too. -Wendy"
Ullman: "I'm told that when you drink, you become unstable. -Ullman"
Ullman: "Alcoholics never really part company with the bottle, correct? -Ullman"
Ullman: "It's called Denver Croquet. Created by a man named Horace Derwent. -Ullman"
Jack: "You said that every hotel's got its scandals. What about ghosts? -Jack"
Watson: "He killed himself too. Not razor blades for him, though. Shotgun, both barrels. -Watson"
Watson: "Every hotel's got rats... just like every hotel's got its scandals. -Watson"
Jack: "It really wouldn't do to forget something like that, now would it? -Jack"
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