The Bachelor
Release: November 05, 1999

Meet Jimmie Shannon, who loves his carefree bachelor lifestyle and his equally independant girlfriend, Anne. But after seeing his friends get married, he feels none too worried...until she catches a bridal bouquet -- a sign that his mustang days are ending. Unfortunately, he blows his marriage proposal and Anne is disappointed. Added to this, Jimmie's grandfather dies and in his will he leaves 100 million dollars to his grandson. There is just one little condition: he must marry by his 30th birthday...which just happens to be the very next day. Jimmie works up the nerve to propose to Anne, but blows it yet again! So now it's race against time as Jimmie turns to past girlfriends to find a wife within the next 24 hours. Will he find his bride or lose the family business and get cut off without a cent? Inspired by the 1925 Buster Keaton silent movie Seven Chances. Directed by Gary Sinyor.

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