Ernest Goes to Camp
Release: May 22, 1987
Release: May 22, 1987

Ernest gets a job as a fix-it man at a summer camp for troubled boys, but what he really wants to be is a counselor. This juvenile comedy, filled with potty humor and slapstick, chronicles his campaign to get a promotion. As a consummate bungler, he ends up causing all kinds of comical chaos. Fortunately, he also ends up helping many of the campers.

Nurse St. Cloud: "If he had faith in The Great One, the knife would not cut him. If he had courage; true courage, the rock would not break him. If the brave was pure of heart, the arrow could not catch him."
Ernest P. Worrell: "You see these hands? Huh? Huh? You see them? If I put them in my pockets I will be arrested for concealing lethal weapons."
Mr. Tipton: "Have you ever held a leadership position?"
Ernest P. Worrell: "I had a ant farm once."
Mr. Tipton: "What happened?"
Chief St. Cloud: "Ernest broke the sign."
Mr. Tipton: "Well, at least nobody was hurt."
Ernest P. Worrell: "[Ernest is getting his shots and is in pain] I did it! I took the Lindbergh baby! I am 'Josef Mengele' qv! AAAHHH!"
Counselor Stennis: "You're gonna learn to swim the Stennis way."
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