The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas
Release: December 17, 1973

The story is about a bear who lives in a bear town hidden in the woods called Bearbank. At this time of year it becomes time to fly on Bearair to find places to hibernate. But one Ted Edward bear has chosen to risk his job and his way of living to find out what christmas is all about. He even finds some way of finding the human race and asking anyone or anything where he can find christmas. The NBC animated special features the voices of Tommy Smothers, Barbara Feldon and Arte Johnson; Gerry Chiniquy & Hawley Pratt directs from the teleplay by Larry Spiegel and John Barrett; from an original story by Barrett. Produced by David H. DePatie & Friz Freleng.

Santa?: "Tell you what go down this street about three blocks to 501 go up to the top floor that's where you'll find christmas."
Ted: "I am trying to find christmas."
Toll booth operator: "Well listen mac, why don't you try 33rd street."
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