GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords
Release: January 01, 1986
Release: January 01, 1986

Guradian GoBots join the Rock Lords' battle for control of the ultimate super weapon. And they'd better hurry, because the Guardian GoBots' all-time worst enemies, the Renegades, are out to use the super weapon for their own evil purposes. GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords was an animated movie based on the Gobots toy and TV franchise. This movie was produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions (the same company responsible for the Challenge of the GoBots series) and released in 1986. It featured the first appearance of the Rock Lords who were given their own toyline after the movie. It featured the guest voices of Margot Kidder, Telly Savalas and Roddy McDowell. The film performed poorly, pulling in about $US1.5 million domestically. When released in Australia, only a few independent cinemas carried the film, rather than the major chains. Several critics (Leonard Maltin amongst them) have suggested that Transformers the Movie was made to "cash in" on the release of the film. While Battle of the Rock Lords was released six months before 'Transformers the Movie, the latter film had been in production for the better part of two years, well before Battle of the Rock Lords began production. It is possible that Battle of the Rock Lords was originally intended to be produced for Television, and the decision to release it cinematically was only made late in production. Evidence to support this theory includes the poor quality of the animation (roughly on par with the animation of the Gobots cartoon), the "normal" sized picture (as opposed to a cinema-quality wide screen) and the presence of fades during several scenes that would suggest placement of advertisement breaks. However, the film retains a cult status and it currently has a "C-" (which is a low, but not a bad grade at all) at Box Office Mojo.

Brimstone: "As soon as we destroy Boulder Quardax is as good as ours!"
Magmar: "You mean MINE you presumptious dirt clod."
Granite: "Magmar is imobilizing his forces against us."
Boulder: "You shouldn't have gone out to Stone Head Granite. If Magmar had found you he would have pulverized you."
Tombstone: "At least now we know what Magmar is doing."
Marbles: "Now what do we do Boulder?"
Boulder: "Well, we're not just going to sit here and wait for Magmar to find us and wipe us out."
Magmar: "Put him in the tumbler."
Ruler: "Let go of me."
Magmar: "Goodbye Milord. Thank you for the scepter."
Ruler: "No! AAAAHHHH!"
Magmar: "Let it begin."
Boulder: "Because as Magmar's power grows the weapon's power grows weaker. I wanted to save what's left of its power for a dire emergency and this was it. I couldn't let my friends perrish. -Boulder"
Leader-1: "That's some weapon Boulder. Why didn't you use it until now? -Leader-1"
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