The Nutcracker Prince
Release: November 21, 1990

Clara is on the verge of growing up with dreams of traveling the world in the grand ballet. Then, during the annual Christmas party, her mysterious godfather, Drosselmeyer, tells her a story about a young man named Hans who rescued a princess under a spell by the Mouse Queen and her whining son. As punishment for his good deed, the Mouse Queen managed to transform him into a nutcracker (prince of the dolls) before her death; the same nutcracker Drosselmeyer gives to Clara that day. When midnight comes, Clara finds herself trapped in the middle of a battle between the mice and her toys being led by the confused nutcracker. If he can defeat the Mouse King and win the hand of a fair maiden, it can break the curse upon him. However, Clara must choose between the dreamworld of her new companion and his adventures or her real world where the dreams and adventures of growing up still await her.

Mouseking: "DIE!!!!"
Mouseking: "Your Slipper, I Believe."
Clara: "Uh, Thank You."
Mouseking: "Thank You Nothing! Look! Look At This!"
Clara: "But-But I Didn't Mean To Set Fire, Do You? You Were Going To Hurt Nutcracker."
Mouseking: "Hurt Him? Hurt Him?(Chuckles) I Was Gonna Turn Him Into A Soot Of Ashes!"
Clara: "Why You're... You're Cruel And Mean."
Mouseking: "Your Flattery Won't Stop Me. Your Nutcracker Will Be Nothing More But A Pile Of Sawdust! Uh, A Bag Of Toothpicks By The Time I'm Through With Him."
Clara and Mouseking: "'Give me the Nutcracker! Now!''No! You can't have him!''Give him to me! I want the Nutcracker!''No! You can't have him! Never!''No? No!?(The Bell Dings and The Mouseking Turns Around To See Pavola Playing With A Yarn. The Mouseking Chuckles Evily and Turns Around.) Then i'll have your sweet, little kitten.''(Chuckles Evily and Walks Towards Pavola.)No! Stop!(Cries For Nutcracker.) Oh, Nutcracker. What should i do? Oh, Uncle Drosselmeier, Please Help!"
Mouseking: "Give me the Nutcracker! Now!"
Clara: "No! you can't have him!"
Mouseking: "Give him to me! I want the Nutcracker!"
Clara: "No! You can't have him! Never!"
Mouseking: "No? No?! (Bell Dings and the Mouseking Turns around to sees Pavola playing a yarn. Mouseking chuckles evily and turns around.) Then I'll have your sweet little kitten. (chuckles evily and walks towards Pavola.)"
Clara: "No, Stop! (cries for Nutcracker) Oh, Nutcracker. What Should I Do? Oh, Uncle Drosselmeier, please help!"
Mouseking: "Then i'll have your sweet, little kitten."
Hans and Clara: "Hello, Clara." "Hello...Nutcracker. -Hans and Clara"
Mousequeen: "The spell you broke on your head falls, you shall crack nuts, prince of the dolls. -Mousequeen"
Marie: "Why me? -Marie"
Drosselmeier Clara: "D: No. No! The spell will be broken if he slays the mouse king. C: And wins the hand of a fair young maiden. D: Precisely. C:Oh Pavlova, why are all fairy stories the same? -Drosselmeier Clara"
Mouseking: "My tail! My precious, precious tail! -Mouseking"
Pantaloon: "Heaven take my bones. England keep my soul? -Pantaloon"
Drosselmeier: "Time that was, time shall be, but waste it not, ere it waste thee. -Drosselmeier"
Clara Nutcracker: "'Oh, Nutcracker. Stop bowing. We're friends, aren't we.' 'Always.' -Clara Nutcracker"
Mouseking: "If you think your nephew, Hans, is ugly now wait till I turn him into a pile of splinters. -Mouseking"
Nutcracker Clara Trudy: "Clara. Clara, are you alright?' 'Yes, I'm fine. But I'm so small.' 'One gets used to it, my dear. -Nutcracker Clara Trudy"
Clara: "I could never live off lemonade and candy. -Clara"
Clara Nutcracker: "'I think you're supposed to wave.' 'Oh, yes, of course.' -Clara Nutcracker"
Fritz: "Clara! Clara, guess what! Pavlova caught a mouse! A real big one! Papa found it by the toy castle! -Fritz"
Mouse King: "Today king of mice, tonight king of dolls. Tomorrow... king of EVERYTHING! -Mouse King"
Marie: "We're having a crisis and you're talking about some Princess!? You are the Prince of the Dolls, aren't you? -Marie"
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