Get Shorty
Release: October 20, 1995
Release: October 20, 1995

Miami based loan shark Chili palmer is sent to L.A in search of Leo Davoe, a small time drycleaner who skipped town without returning borrowed money. Chili arrives in L.A and aswell as finding Leo, he finds a new hobby. He wants to leave the gangster business behind in exchange for Hollywood's movie industry. John Travolta stars as Chili Palmer

Chili Palmer: "Where's my cadillac? I ordered a cadillac, this is a mini-van."
Shuttle bus driver: "Well it's the cadillac of mini-vans. It's all we got."
Chili Palmer: "I guess I'll take the cadillac of mini-vans then."
Leo: "Wait, let me get this straight... You're taking all my money but You're borrowing some of it?"
Ray Barbone: "Hey, it's chili outside, it's Chili inside. It's a regular chili fest (talking to Chili Palmer)"
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