Just One of the Guys
Release: January 01, 1985
Release: January 01, 1985

Terry Griffith's convinced that her teachers and peers don't take her seriously as a journalist because she's a girl. When she fails to secure an internship at a local paper, she decides to switch sides, literally! Posing as a boy at her brother's school, she's out to prove that the system's biased. However, in teaching a new friend the art of coolness, she may find that being a guy isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Terry: "What happens when you hear James Brown?"
Rick: "When I hear James Brown...I gotta dance!"
Buddy: "Please, don't leave..."
Tutor: "I'm going, Bud..."
Buddy: "Would it make a difference if i told you i was hung like a bear?"
Tutor: "I don't know...are you?"
Buddy: "No..."
Tutor: "Goodnight, Buddy."
Buddy: "Terry loves tits and ass."
Rick: "Maybe next time you can hook me up with sandy's grandmother! -Rick"
Buddy: "Don't get me wrong. It's not like I've never had sex before. I've had lots of sex. It's just that now I'd like to try it with a partner. -Buddy"
Buddy: "Of course you're confused. You're wearing my underwear. -Buddy"
Terry: "I'm just so confused. -Terry"
Buddy: "Nope. I'm horny. Horny will kick embarrassment's ass anytime. -Buddy"
Buddy: "All balls itch! It's a fact! -Buddy"
Terry: "Look, maybe my balls don't itch. -Terry"
Buddy: "No you don't! The male body needs sex at all times! It's a living hell! -Buddy"
Terry: "You know, sometimes I just wish I was a guy. -Terry"
Terry: "Budster, there's a half-naked woman in your bedroom feeding pizza to some fish and she's all yours. -Terry"
Rick: "It's OK everybody, it's alright. He has tits. -Rick"
Rick: "Are those what I think they are? Where do you get off having tits? -Rick"
Buddy: "Hey, no problem. Just a couple of clean American kids experimenting with sex. -Buddy"
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