Thank God It's Friday
Release: January 01, 1978

After a long week of work and school we all need a break and Friday night has finally arrived and everybody is headed to the big dance contest at the hottest disco in town: The Zoo. Among the contests, a pair of underage girls who need to find a way inside and a man in leather who can dance his way into your heart. There also a chance for love where some guys want to meet a nice girl, girls wanting to find one guy they can relate to, and another pair matched via a computer dating service that came up about 5 inches. Meanwhile, married couple Dave and Sue are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary at the disco and trying to open up to new experiences only to have her entranced by The Zoo's sleazy owner and Dave sitting with a freaky, drugged-out diva who has more ups and downs than an elevator (green pills for up, red ones for down). Finally, there's Nicole who hopes to make her big break and get her demo to the club's DJ who is on the verge of discovery himself by getting The Commodores to play the contest if he can get past just one small problem: Wrong Way Floyd has yet to arrive the band's instruments! So put on your best polyester and your platform shoes because it's time to boogie down with the music The Commodores, Love & Kisses, Thelma Houston, and others as well as Donna Summer who sings the Oscar winning song, "Last Dance".

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