The Master Of Disguise
Release: August 08, 2002
Release: August 08, 2002

In 1979, Fabbarzzio Disguisey, the latest in a line of Italian secret agents and masters of disguise is nearly exposed during a case. For family protection, he decides to hide the fact from his infant son, Pistachio. 23 years later, Pistachio, now a waiter working at the family's Italian restaurant, learns of his family history when his father is kidnapped by Devlin Bowman, the smuggler who nearly exposed him at time of arrest 23 years ago, who then goes out and steals the world's most precious artifacts. Pistachio must now learn how to be a master of disguise himself, and along with his new partner Jennifer, must defeat Bowman and rescue his parents.

Devlin Bowman: "[From trailer] I think it's time for you to go."
Pistachio Disguisey: "[Making talking gesture with hand] This is what you're doing... [Closes hand]"
Pistachio Disguisey: "this is what I want you to do."
Devlin Bowman: "Did you just tell me to shut up?"
Pistachio Disguisey: "Yes."
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Pistachio Disguisey: "Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club. Turtle, turtle, turtle!"
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