THX 1138
Release: March 11, 1971

In This Story Of The Future, Everyone Has Bald Heads And It Takes Place Underground On The Planet Earth.

SRT 5752: "Hey, look."
Male voice: "1-1-3-8. Prefix: T-H-X."
Chrome Robot: "We've lost him."
Male Voice: "For more enjoyment and greater efficiency, consumption is being standardized."
Chrome Robot: "Stay calm."
Chrome Robot: "Can you feel this?"
THX 1138: "Who are you?"
SRT 5752: "Oh, I'm a hologram"
LUH 3417: "Thx? Is that you?"
THX 1138: "Who are you? "
SRT 5752: "I'm a hologram."
SEN 5241: "Whats wrong with you?"
Chrome Robot 1:: "Uh, avoid the 7-1-4 and 2-3-3-6."
Chrome Robot 2: "Alright."
Chrome Robot: "Are you now, or have you ever been?"
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