Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
Release: August 01, 1986
Release: August 01, 1986

After years of struggling with the trauma experienced from having to kill Jason Voorhees and the crazzy copycat guy in Part 5, Tommy Jarvis has decided to end the madness once and for all by burning the buried body of the killer. For the first time since ending Jasons reign of terror Tommy sees the hulking corpse in person only to lose control and attack it with a metal rod. Nature plays an ugly hand and Jason is ressurected making Tommys paranoid delusions a sudden reality. Tommy must now try to deal with an ill tempered Sherrif Garris and stop Jason at the same time. This Friday movie is the premier of zombie Jason. Directed by Tom McLoughlin.

Sheriff Garris: "Are you in show business kid? You sure know how to make an entrance."
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