Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Release: December 25, 1993

This stylish animated adventure is based on the '90s animated television series, which in turn is based on the original comics and Tim Burton's live action "Batman" films. Unlike the campy 1960s version of Batman, this version is half-mad from the superhero's obsession with justice. It is only his unusual sense of ethics that keeps him from becoming a full-blown psychotic. The story describes the origins of Batman as it follows the Dark Knight's attempts to capture the elusive, deadly Phantasm who kills a crime lord and makes it look as if Batman did it, causing a media smear campaign against the Caped Crusader. At the same time, millionaire Bruce Wayne holds a party at his mansion. There he meets Councilman Arthur Reeves, the man behind the accusations. Reeves derides playboy Wayne for allowing his college sweetheart Andrea Beaumont to leave him. Suddenly Wayne flashes back to his pre-Batman days. He remembers how he met her while visiting his parents' graves to renew his vow that he would spend his life fighting crime to avenge their wrongful deaths. He has already devised an early version of his alter-ego Batman, but that is nearly forgotten when he falls in love with Andrea. The story then jumps from past to present and back as the mysterious Phantasm strikes again. Batman continues his investigation and discovers a disturbing link between Andrea, who suddenly shows up after many years absence, and the villain. Meanwhile, the Phantasm, feeling that Batman is too close to learning his/her identity hires the Joker to kill him. But the Joker has his own agenda and much action ensues before the mystery of the Phantasm identity is solved, Batman clears his name, and justice is served. This film was originally made to go straight to video, Warner's studio liked it enough to release it theatrically. Some of the violence may be inappropriate for very young children.

Carl Beaumont: "Somehow, we'll be free of those guys. Whatever it takes. That's a promise."
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Joker: "Can't be too careful with all those weirdos around."
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Arthur Reeves: "What do you mean you won't? You have to go after him!"
Commissioner Gordon: "He didn't do it! It's garbage, Mr. Reeves that Batman does not kill, period."
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Phantasm: "Joker, your angel of death awaits."
Joker: "I'm impressed, lady. You're harder to kill than a cockroach on steroids."
Phantasm: "So, you've figured it out. *takes off mask*"
Joker: "Gotta hand it to you; nice scheme. Costume's a bit theatrical, but hey who am I to talk?"
Joker: "You'll kill us both."
Batman: "Whatever it takes!"
Phantasm: "Stay away, this is not your fight!"
Batman: "This madness ends now!"
Buzz Bronski: "All right, creep. Catch this!"
Phantasm: "Your angel of death awaits."
Chuckie Sol: "This time I got you, you lousy stinking..."
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