Release: June 18, 1982

You haven't seen "Annie", the Broadway musical based on the "Little Orphan Annie" comic strip, but can you seen this film adaptation? In the depths of the 1930's, Annie is a fiery young orphan girl who must live in a miserable orphanage run by the tyrannical Miss Hannigan. Her seemingly hopeless situation changes dramatically when she is selected to spend a short time at the residence of the wealthy munitions industrialist, Oliver Warbucks. Quickly, she charms the hearts of the household staff and even the seemingly cold-hearted Warbucks cannot help but learn to love this wonderful girl. He decides to help Annie find her long lost parents by offering a reward if they would come to him and prove their identity. However, Miss Hannigan, her evil brother, Rooster, and a female accomplice, plan to impersonate those people to get the reward for themselves which put Annie in great danger.

Annie: "Alright, who's next?"
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Orphans: "We love you, Miss Hannigan."
Miss Hannigan: "Shut up!"
Grace: "You love money and power and capitalism? You know they're never going to love you back."
Annie: "Leaping Lizards!!!"
Rooster: "excuse us mam are you the lady that runs this here orphanage"
Star To-Be: "♪N.Y.C.! Just got here this morning 3 bucks; 2 bags; One me!♪"
Daddy Warbucks: "They say it can land on a dime... whatever that may be."
Ms. Hannigan: "My God is that thing real?!"
buffy: "oh my goodness.....oh my goodness!"
orphans: "we love you miss hannigan"
Molly: "She hadda go bafroom"
Miss Hannigan: "And we're not having hot mush today... We're having cold mush. "
Punjab: "Buddha says "A child without courage is like a night without stars!" "
Ms. Hannigan: "Why any kid would want to be an orphan is beyond me?"
Annie: "The sun'll come out Tomorrow, so you gotta hang on till tomorrow. Come what may. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow. You're only a day away."
Miss Hannigan: "Little Girls, Little Girls, everywhere I turn I can see them. "
Ms. Hannigan: "It's time for a tumble with the bundle."
Daddy Warbucks: "You are special. Never stop believing that. "
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