Dangerous Curves
Release: January 01, 1988

This direct to video, youth-oriented comedy is about Chuck (Tate Donovan) and Wally (Grant Heslov), friends in their senior year at college. Graduation is fast approaching. A wealthy industrialist (Robert Stack) offfers them jobs after graduation if they'll do him a favor and deliver a car to the his daughter in Lake Tahoe. The car, a red Porsche, gets stolen for use as the prize in a beauty pageant. The lads wind up in San Diego attempting to recover the car and their preserve their future careers. Their efforts are complicated when they become involved with the pageant contestants, exposing them to undreamed-of oceans of feminine pulchritude. — Clarke Fountain Tate Donovan - Chuck Upton Danielle von Zerneck - Michelle West Grant Heslov - Wally Wilder Valeri Breiman - Blake Courtland Leslie Nielsen - Greg Krevsky Elizabeth Ashley - Miss Reed Robert Stack - Louis Faciano Robert Klein - "Bam Bam" Michael J. Rosenberg - Jackie Diamond Eva La Rue - Leslie Cruz Marie Cheatham Armin Shimerman - Boggs Freeman King - Quinn Robert Romanus - Hector Martha Quinn - Tympani Charles Theresa Ring - Vicki Steve Pink - Ralphie Karen Lee Scott - Shawn Brooks Wanda Acuna - Pageant Girl Ron Johnson - San Diego Policeman Cynthia Geary - Pageant Girl

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