Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Release: June 01, 1985
Release: June 01, 1985

Nausicaä is the Princess of the small Valley of the Wind, one of the few places with clean air left after the Earth was devastated during "The Seven Days of Fire" one thousand years ago, after which a toxic jungle began to take over the planet. Nausicaä is a pacifist and an excellent flyer on her glider, she can tame the wild, giant Ohmu incects that live in the jungle and wants to understand the jungle - not dystroy it. When the Valley of the Wind is caught up in a struggle between to other warring nations Nausicaä must fight to make them understand that their war could bring an end to what little habitiable-to-human land is left on Earth and that the giant warrior that Princess Kushana of Tolmekia wishes to unleash on the toxic jungle will only make matters worse, not save the human race.

Nausicaa: "please...stop fighting! -Nausicaa"
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