Death Wish 3
Release: November 01, 1985

Michael Winner ups the ante once again in Death Wish 3. Any pretense of Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) having a career in architecture is completely gone. Kersey's new career appears to be as a professional vigilante, blowing away muggers, rapists and thieves off the mean streets — or as he terms it "thinning the herd." Back in New York City, Kersey, with his usual luck, arrives just in time to find an old friend dying after a vicious beating by a multi-cultural gang of thugs. The cops arrest Kersey, but it just so happens that police chief Richard S. Shriker (Ed Lauter) is like Kersey with a badge: "I'm the law, and that means I get to violate your civil rights." He makes a deal with Kersey: he can go free as long as he keeps the cops informed of his death counts. Kersey grunts in agreement and proceeds to move into a decaying tenement building in the middle of a bombed out gang war zone. The building is populated by a group of elderly tenants who are terrified by the neighborhood gang warfare. Kersey declares his own personal war on the neighborhood gang, led by a frenzied leader named Fraker (Gavan O'Herilhy), who wears a reverse Mohawk hair-style. As Kersey devises booby traps and trip-wire bombs to confound the gang, the senior citizens gleefully take pot shots at the wounded gang members from their windows.

Paul Kersey: "What's wrong?"
Thug #1: "What?"
Paul: "With the car?"
Thug #1: "Get out of my freakin' face!"
Thug #2: "We're stealing the car. What's it to you?"
Paul: "It's my car."
Thug #2: "[pulls out knife] Now, you're gonna die."
Paul: "[pulls out his gun and kills both thugs]"
Paul Kersey: "It's like killing roaches. You have to kill 'em all… Otherwise, what's the use?"
Bennett: "What's the car for?"
Paul: "Bait."
Bennett: "We heard shots. What happened?"
Paul: "I sent them a message."
Paul Kersey: "My friend Wildey's coming."
Kathryn: "I hope you like chicken. It's the only thing I know how to make."
Paul: "Chicken's good. I like chicken."
Paul Kersey: "A .475 Wildey magnum is a shorter version of the African big game cartridge. It makes a real mess."
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