Funny Farm
Release: June 03, 1988
Release: June 03, 1988

When Andy and Elizabeth buy a farm in Vermont, they can't imagine the trouble that awaits them. Andy has quit his job as a sports journalist and is planning to use the peace and quiet of the country to write the Great American Novel. From the moment the movers' truck gets lost with their furniture, though, there's little peace and less quiet. From a manical mailman to a dead body buried in the garden, Andy is distracted by the town and its wacky inhabitants. His effort at a novel is mediocre, at best, and he's threatened by Elizabeth's foray into writing when she attempts a children's book. Can the Farmers survive the townsfolk and each other?

Sheriff Ledbetter: "Remember, Mrs. Farmer. Whenever you buy a house, whatever's in the ground belongs to you - whether it's gold or oil... or Claude Musselman. -Sheriff Ledbetter"
Andy: "We came to Redbud filled with hopes and dreams of a better life. And basically, we've seen those hopes and dreams crushed and battered before our very eyes. -Andy"
Andy: "Call me Mr. Lamb Fries! -Andy"
Andy: "I know it and you know it. Yellow Dog doesn't even know what town he's in. -Andy"
Elizabeth: "I'm convinced that our marriage has been one of mutual betrayals. I know it! YOU know it! Even Yellow Dog knows it! -Elizabeth"
Andy: "Being a fake is what I do best. -Andy"
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