Adventures of the American Rabbit
Release: December 15, 1986
Release: December 15, 1986

Adventures of the American Rabbit (released in the UK as simply The American Rabbit) was an animated film released in 1986 by Clubhouse Pictures and MPM. The story begins just after the birth of Robert Rabbit. As his parents and friends welcome him into the world, a mysterious old rabbit whose walking is assisted by a cane greets young Rob and disappears. Neither parent knew who he was, each assuming that he was from the opposite side of the family. Rob grows up as a normal child, learning to play the piano. One day his parents become endangered by a falling boulder. Rob sprints towards them and changes into a star and striped spangled superhero on golden rollerskates. The old man on his cane reappears and tells Rob that he is the American Rabbit; capable of changing into superhero form when he sprints and capable of being changed back to normal when someone, or he himself, says his name. As Rob moves to the big city he decides to keep his secret identity hidden. He finds a job as a piano player in the Panda Monium nightclub that is harassed by a gang of jackals and their mafia style protection racket. Rob and his new friends form a rock band and go on tour to raise money to oppose the jackals, though they are continually threatened by the gang. After the Panda Monium is burnt down, Rob, as his superhero counterpart, thwarts their plans and the jackals decide to take over a moose run chocolate factory and in turn cut off the chocolate supply to the city. Rob must overcome his reluctant role as a superhero and humiliation at the hands of the villains to restore order to the city.

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