Release: February 09, 1977
Release: February 09, 1977

The Earth has been destroyed by a complete nuclear war along with the human race. Only mutants and the ancient mythical creatures of old (fairies, elves, trolls and many other races) now live on the planet. For thousands of year

Avatar: "Let me tell 'ya… I ain't practiced much magic for a long time. I wanna show you a trick mother showed me when you weren't around. Used on special occasions like this. Oh, yeah… One more thing: I'm glad you changed your last name, you son of a bitch."
Avatar: "Science and technology were outlawed millions of years ago."
Blackwolf: "Brother, there's no need for me to destroy you. Surrender! Surrender your world!"
Avatar: "You always did need an audience, you sap."
Avatar: "I wonder if I packed my scotch."
Avatar: "I'm too old for this sort of thing. Just wake me up when the planet's destroyed. -Avatar"
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