Bride of Boogedy
Release: April 12, 1987

Boogedy's trying to come back to Lucifer Falls in this follow-up to the 1986 TV-movie, "Mr. Boogedy," which features half of the cast from the first film. This time around, Mr. Boogedy possesses several people and tries to get them to return his magic cloak to him, which plans to use to again wreak havoc on the living. But he's also looking to find his beloved Marion, and he'll stop at nothing to get her -- even if he has to make a new Marion. Stars Richard Masur, Mimi Kennedy, David Faustino, Tammy Lauren, Joshua Rudoy, Leonard Frey, Howard Witt, Vincent Schiavelli and Eugene Levy.

The Fortune Teller: "He's trapped between the spirit world and the real world. He's just waiting waiting… it's like waiting for a bus that's never going to come."
Walter Witherspoon: "But maybe Mr. Boogedy didn't really disappear at all. Maybe he's just hiding. -Walter Witherspoon"
Eloise: "Beware the spiders! -Eloise"
Carlton: "One thing about Lucifer Falls, Elm, you're as safe out there as you are in your own livingroom. -Carlton"
Jennifer: "It's Mr. Boogedy! I saw him -- he's back! -Jennifer"
Jennifer: "You tell fortunes with an electric crystal ball? -Jennifer"
Eloise: "Honey, we got rid of Mr. Boogedy, remember? He's never coming back! -Eloise"
Shadowy figure: "Jennifer Davis, it's Mr. Boogedy. Get out of my house! -Shadowy figure"
Jennifer: "If he comes back, he's coming after you. -Jennifer"
Mr. Lynch: "You should've moved out of that house when you had the chance. -Mr. Lynch"
Eloise: "You know, I once dreamed a hedgehog was chasing after me in an ambulance. -Eloise"
Eloise: "Honey, people don't really tell fortunes. It's just like professional wrestling - it looks good. -Eloise"
Jennifer: "Daddy, Corwin and Aurie can't dream the same dream at the same time. -Jennifer"
Carlton: "I mean, you practically need a seance to talk to the guy. -Carlton"
Carlton: "It's kind of like, uh, I don't know, Elvis Presley. He's not coming back. -Carlton"
Carlton: "We'll form a lynch mob. We'll lynch Lynch. -Carlton"
Lazarus: "I'm Lazarus. I dig graves. -Lazarus"
Jennifer: "He's floating down the hallway, like in a horror movie or something!"
Eloise: "I think we have a problem. -Eloise"
Jennifer: "My father was floating down the hallway this morning!"
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