Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
Release: March 31, 1983
Release: March 31, 1983

The Monty Python group examines the meaning and purpose of life in a series of sketches from conception to death and beyond. In typical Monty Python fashion they satirizes and humourizes almost everyone.

Principal: "From now on the school cormorant is OUT OF BOUNDS! Oh and Jenkins. Apparently your mother died this morning. -Principal"
Fat Man: "Get me a bucket im goin to throw up -Fat Man"
Waiter to Fat Diner: "It is but waifer thin. -Waiter to Fat Diner"
Doctor: "Get the machine that goes PING! -Doctor"
Catholic Father: "Every sperm is sacred. -Catholic Father"
Doctor while helping woman give birth: "Nurse: Doctor, the inspector's coming Doctor: Switch everything on!!! -Doctor while helping woman give birth"
Waiter to Fat Diner: "It's just a little mint! -Waiter to Fat Diner"
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