Masters of the Universe
Release: August 07, 1987

Planet Eternia and Castle Greyskull are under threat from the evil Skeletor, who wants to take over the planet. A group of freedom fighters led by the heroic He-Man are accidentally transported to Earth by a mysterious Cosmic Key which holds the power to make Skeletor all-powerful. Once on Earth, He-Man joins alliances with two teenagers as they attempt to find the key and return home.

He-Man: "Good journey."
Skeletor: "Let this be our final battle! -Skeletor"
Detective Lubic: "Nobody takes pot-shots at Lubic! -Detective Lubic"
Man-At-Arms: "He-Man, thank the Sorceress you're alive! -Man-At-Arms"
He-Man: "I Have The Power!!! -He-Man"
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