Angels in the Outfield
Release: July 15, 1994

Based on the 1951 film from the Turner Entertainment Co. library. It stars Danny Glover, Tony Danza and Christopher Lloyd, and features appearances from future stars, including Adrien Brody, Matthew McConaughey, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Neal McDonough. Unlike the original, which focused on the Pittsburgh Pirates as the team in heavenly need, this adaptation focuses on the California Angels, who started play ten years after the original. The film does, however, make a connection to the Bucs by having its world premiere at the Pirates home at the time, Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. The film spawned 2 TV movie sequels for ABC's ‘The Wonderful World of Disney’: 'Angels in the Endzone' and 'Angels in the Infield'.

Ranch Wilder: "Zip it. Less is more."
Knox: "Run home Marvin."
Knox: "(Marvin literally runs home) Hey Marvin. Where's he going?"
Kid: "You told him to run home."
Whit Bass: "I thought the game started at one."
George Knox: "It does start at one, and you're a jackass!"
Bass: "No, I'm a pitcher."
Hank Murphy: "Ranch, you're fired."
Ranch Wilder: "You can't fire me! I got a contract! I'm Ranch Wilder!"
Wally: "Easy, Ranch. Less is more. And the Angels have won it!"
Maple: "(singing) We lose every summer, and it's a big bummer! No matter who we play, we give the game away, cause we can't win! That would be a sin! We even lose the games before they--"
Knox: "Save it Maple!"
Roger: "Did you see them?"
J.P.: "See who?"
Roger: "The angels. The angels in sparkling pajamas!"
Rodger: "God,if there is God, Please help them win a little. -Rodger"
Baseball player: "I can feel some hidden power coming from somewhere, musta been those chilli dogs a ate before the game. -Baseball player"
Rodger: "God, if there is a God, please help the angels win the pennant. -Rodger"
Roger and AL: "Roger: Those were real angels!? Al: Except no substitutes. -Roger and AL"
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