Release: June 08, 1984

Minature green monsters tear through the small town of Kingston Falls. Hijinks ensue as a mild-mannered bank teller releases these hideous loonies after gaining a new pet and violating two of three simple rules: No water (violated), no food after midnight (violated), and no bright light. Hilarious mayhem and destruction in a town straight out of Norman Rockwell. So, when your washing machine blows up or your TV goes on the fritz, before you call the repair man, turn on all the lights and look under all the beds. \'Cause you never can tell, there just might be a gremlin in your house.

Murray Futterman: "In the cab! There's a real gremlin in my cab! YAAHHH!"
Mr. Wing: "You teach him to watch television? Ai-yah!"
Gremlin: "Phone... home..."
Gerald: "This is a bank, not a pet store!!!!"
Deputy Frank: "Let me drive."
Sheriff Brent: "You're drunk."
Deputy Frank: "You always get to drive."
Sheriff Brent: "That's because I'm the sheriff a**hole."
Pete: "You should just buy orange juice in cartons. It's a lot easier."
Most of the Evil Mogwai: "Yum-Yum! -Most of the Evil Mogwai"
Stripe: "Yum? -Stripe"
lil boy: "The most important rule of all, no mater how much he cries, no mater how much he begs, never, Never feed him after midnight. -lil boy"
Gizmo: "Byeee Billy.. -Gizmo"
Gizmo: "Mogwai! -Gizmo"
Gizmo and Billy: "Billy: you having fun? -Giz: Fun! -Bil: its neat huh? -Giz: Neat! -Gizmo and Billy"
Billy: "They're watching Snow White...... And they love it. -Billy"
Stripe: "Gizmo Caca. -Stripe"
Billy and Kate: "Kate: Will you sign this petition? They're trying to close Dorie's Tavern. Billy: Sure. That's where my dad proposed to my mom, you know. Kate: That's where everyone's dad proposed to their mom. -Billy and Kate"
Billy: "How about shutting up for a change? I already fed you. -Billy"
Billy Peltzer: "They're watching Snow White. And they love it. -Billy Peltzer"
Stripe: "water...gun -Stripe"
Gizmo: "Bright light! Bright light! -Gizmo"
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