The Fury
Release: March 10, 1978
Release: March 10, 1978

"An experience in terror and suspense" Childress, head of a secret government agency, tries to kill one of his agents, Peter Sandza. Childress is wanting to get hold of PeterÂ’s son Robin who has incredible psychic powers. But Peter survives and comes after Childress, determined to get Robin back. At the same time schoolgirl Gillian Bellaver has started to develop similar psychic powers and is placed in The Paragon Institute, a psychic research centre that is really controlled by Childress. Peter breaks her out in order to enlist her help finding Robin. Meanwhile however RobinÂ’s powers have led to growing megalomania upon his part and he soon goes dangerously beyond the ability of ChildressÂ’s people to keep control of him. Now, Gillian must use her powers, to help find Peter's son Robin, before it's to late...

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